20 Games Sections Left

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20 Games Sections Left

Postby DaveBear07 » Wed May 05, 2010 1:52 pm

So I have the 10 newest PT's and the last set of 10 in the "Official" books from LSAC left for my LG Prep until June. I also have both the LG Bible to review and the Powerscore LG Workbook to do this next month. I will probably also be sure to do the LG's posted on LSAT Blog as well.

I was wondering--- is this enough? I finally got a -0 on the LG on PT 26 but had trouble with 28 after taking a few days off.. (was perfect on PT 27 except for the snakes and lizards of course) and I've heard that the LG's in the 30's PT's are pretty rough.

I do plan on making copies of the LG sections of all the 10 newest ones when I get home though.

Any advice and insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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