Retaking the LSAT study schedule

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Retaking the LSAT study schedule

Postby modestsquirrel » Sun May 02, 2010 6:20 pm

I am looking to retake the lsat this September. My diagnostic score is a 142 and I was able to pull that up to a 165 (dec 2009) in roughly 3 months of studying for 16 hours per week. I did exhaust most of the material that is presently available for the test. However, I believe I have 4 or so untouched recent tests. My plan is to spend the next 5 months studying for the exam. My biggest weaknesses are in LR and LG. I plan on using Kaplan Mastery Book, LR and LG bibles ( did not use the LR bible in prep initially), prep tests, and 3 real lsat books of 10. I will focus on refining my knowledge in these two areas. I also did not really review my mistakes after making them. My question: Is this overkill? Does anyone have any experience w/ retaking and studying schedules that would care to share their approach?

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