can someone please advise me on this!

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can someone please advise me on this!

Postby sangr » Sat May 01, 2010 10:58 pm

so i am originally poised to take june exam internationally on june 27th
so theres a month and half left. i just registered a month's worth for
an intensive class and theres going to be a LOT of material to be looked at.
i looked at one homework and there were like 20 reading comp passages in a row that i have
to do for homework by one day.

HOWEVER, i recently decided that i MAY take the test in october. i have a month to decide.
so this is the duration of the course.

My question is...IF i end up taking the october you guys think ramming through all this
material will have a bad effect on me? in that i will have tarnished prep tests, and also taken about 16 prep
tests ( the course also instructs that we take four PTs a week, although i have done several of them already)

So Im guessing taking this course may burn up 30-40 pts or so, out of the 60 available PTs...maybe more..
I've also taken about 15-20 PTs so far, with some tarnished ones.
I am under the impression that retaking or reviewing seen material is not nearly as bad as some poeple seem to believe.

but this test WILL burn lots of material...

theres also the possibility that i may study for the month and decide i am ready to take the test.

SO, the main question is:

should i take this month long course and see how it goes? and it wont affect me adversely if i take it in october?
I guess put in another way i could also ask: is using up material THAT bad? is it that ineffective or bad for me to
prep myself with many question types ( its set up like hundreds of questions of flaws, inference, etc).


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Re: can someone please advise me on this!

Postby pilawpcv » Sun May 02, 2010 3:35 am

It seems logical to me that you can't practice too much...I would take this class, if you're a class type of person, and save the exams to review later. You could also photocopy the tests before you write on them and use them again later. If you do end up taking all 60 PTs, by the time you go back and review the first ones you did, I bet you will have forgotten!


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Re: can someone please advise me on this!

Postby sangr » Sun May 02, 2010 3:50 am

i see, i was hoping thats how it would be!


any other input/ advice would be greatly appreciated!

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