Have some sections gotten easier/harder?

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Dr. Strangelove

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Have some sections gotten easier/harder?

Postby Dr. Strangelove » Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:57 pm

I took Prep Test 59 (Dec. 09) and noticed that the RC section had some difficult questions (at least they were worded very weirdly) and that the LR section seemed a little easier... I got around the same score as I've been getting but noticeably better in LR (ended with -3 :shock: , my best ever.) and noticeably worse in RC (The worst I've done in RC is -2 but I got -5 on this section). Has one gotten easier and the other gotten harder or did I just encounter an outlier of difficulty in terms of RC sections?

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Re: Have some sections gotten easier/harder?

Postby FuManChusco » Sat Apr 24, 2010 6:14 pm

I think the consensus is that LG has gotten easier and there aren't as many weird games. LR is different, but about the same difficulty level. RC has gotten more difficult. It's really subjective though.

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