what do you do with a PT you have taken?

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what do you do with a PT you have taken?

Postby sangr » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:36 pm

so im on about my 15th PT..

and after reviewing one pt, it goes in the drawer.

however i feel that even if i scrutinize over what i get wrong or right, it doesnt REALLY stick in my head, some of the
more obvious ones do of course, to be more specific im talking about LR where you get a question wrong
and you think in your head "ok so this is whats actually right, i should do this and this".... do you guys actually remember
this stuff after doing this once or twice? i dont know if ill subconsciously get it after taking many many PTs but
thus far when i take a timed section, although ive gotten a lot better at recognizing and going about questions in certain
ways, it all goes out the window sometimes.

so do you guys go back to a PT that you took, lets say a week ago, and look at the questions you got wrong or thought
was tough? do u then solve it again?

ive been a little hesitatn about just going back because i felt that they may be needed for a second go around, meaning
if i go through all the PT's once and i need to study more (i hope not).

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Re: what do you do with a PT you have taken?

Postby doza » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:38 pm

Yup, I definitely went back through my PTs to make sure I understood why I got certain answers wrong. This helped me to avoid making the same mistake twice. As I was taking the PT, I would circle questions that I thought were tough or had to skip and come back to. That way, I could review those ones as well (not just the ones I got wrong).


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Re: what do you do with a PT you have taken?

Postby Hey-O » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:47 pm

I wait about two weeks then I go over the PT thoroughly both the questions I missed and the difficult questions that I got right. I keep a database of all missed questions. I go through each answer and understand why it is wrong and why the correct answer is correct.

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