PrepTest 38 Section 4 No. 26

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PrepTest 38 Section 4 No. 26

Postby mz253 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:36 pm

Got A right. But I take issue with "best." I wonder why they don't use better. The whole conversation is a comparison of novel and short story. Why they use the word "best"? In my opinion, none of them say yes to the statement in A.

Atlas LSAT Brian

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Re: PrepTest 38 Section 4 No. 26

Postby Atlas LSAT Brian » Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:51 am

Good question. I agree that "best" is a relatively strong word here, but by following process of elimination, one can easily arrive at (A) as being the best available answer choice, as it appears you did.

Since it's a disagree question, as you know, we are looking for an answer choice in which we have "strong" (not "perfect") evidence that one party would agree and the other disagree. Note the language of the question "most supports"...

(A) T = clearly disagrees (lives accurately portrayed via gradual development)
R = reasonably agrees ("best"? you're right - not necessarily, but clearly, as you say, "better")

(B) no mention from either side regarding "strategies" employed - the discussion is about form.
(C) R = no opinion on what novels *usually* do
(D) R = no opinion on novelists' sketch pads
(E) neither side has an opinion regarding "hidden" things

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