Thoughts? And New Mexico Study Buddy?

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Thoughts? And New Mexico Study Buddy?

Postby rsuelzer » Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:28 am

Hey everyone,

Brand spankin new here! I have just started studying for the October LSAT. In the last five days I have studied 12.5 hours. My goal is to study over 500 hours in the next 188 days.

Right now I am taking 21 credit hours, and working part time as a math and reading tutor. I tutor math in Spanish and reading in English!

That being said, I get off of work at 9pm everynight, and study at my library until 4am. (Not all of it is LSAT, I spend about an hour doing my school work.)

I have no idea what my diagnostic score is... although I bet it would be in the 150s because I am terrible at logic games. I bought the LG Bible and I love it. I made a nice binder to keep track of my actual time spent studying. I take notes during my study and mark them with the time. This way I can be honest with how much I study each night.

My GPA is a 3.95 here at the University of New Mexico, before attending here I went to a community college in Chicago and received a 3.7.

Both of my parents are lawyers. My father graduated from University of Arkansas (Hillary Clinton was my fathers professor). My mother was at University of Chicago for a masters in political science, but dropped out and ending up going to DePaul on a scholarship for law school.

Neither of them practice law. My mother practiced criminal law, but quit during the Greylord scandal. My father never practiced law. Now they both write tax law explanations for a large tax law firm.

My parents have always discouraged me from going to law school, but I don't always listen to them. ;).

I am looking for someone to study with in the Albuquerque area. I don't think I have good chances to get into a Top 20 law school with my current 3.8 GPA, but I hope that I can offset that with a nice LSAT score...

Two questions:

1) Is 400-500 hours of study, focusing 40% on Logic Games, enough? Or should I wait until next October to take the LSAT and delay law school for a year?

2) Does anyone want to study with me? Help me do games, give me good insights. I don't have money for a prep course, but would love to study with someone, preferably at night.


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