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Re: Matt's June 2010 LSAT preparation

Postby andreea7 » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:01 pm

joemoviebuff wrote:
I hope to score 168+ but am really shooting for low 170's.

Sounds obvious, but seriously shoot for a 180. Be a perfectionist. Examine every single problem you get wrong and research it, ask people on here about them, and study until you understand why the right answer is the right answer.

I don't think you need to read the RC Bible either. It's considered the least helpful of the bibles, probably cuz RC is the hardest section to improve on. I felt the same way about it that you do, and I did fine on it. Reading things like The Economist and Harper's was some good advice for me that I found on TLS. I self-studied and only stuck with the Bibles (and the Logic Games Bible Workbook, which really helped) and the PrepTests. I took 35 full length timed tests, half of which had an extra section from another test thrown in to act as the experimental section to increase endurance. I took 2 or 3 tests a week, taking the test one day and grading it, then reviewing it the next day or two to figure out what I got wrong and why, with studying the Bibles and stuff in between.

Diagnostic test in July with no prep: 155
December LSAT: 170

Hope it helps!

I subscribe to this view. Ambition is important. I was determined to get 176 or higher on the test. I kept scoring 168 or even lower on practice tests. But I kept working at it and think "176 176 176" and the 176 came ONLY on the test day. I probably did every single practice test available after reading the Logic Games bible and Legal Reasoning Bible.

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