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LSAT Prep Layout - Criticism Welcome

Postby mikialjan » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I've finally recieved all 4 Powerscore Bibles (LR, LG,RC, and LG workbook). Those who have scored relatively high on the LSAT please criticise my preparation layout and tell me if it's doable. I'm aiming to write the LSAT this October.

-Study all 4 books by July (in July I also enroll in a 3 month in-class course with Testmasters).

-I've significantly decreased my working hours until I write the LSAT, and will be taking two summer courses: Theatre, and Modes of Reasong; Critical Thinking.

-In September I will be taking only 2 courses in school.

- I would like to take as many actual practice tests as I can, but I don't know when to start and how often to take them - please advise.

My goal is to score above 170. Not that I have it like that, but money is not an issue. I will and want to do whatever it takes to accomplish this. Doing very well on the LSAT and getting into law school is means everything to me.

Thanks in advance gals and guys!

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