When to worry about time?

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Re: When to worry about time?

Postby dprendergast1 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:17 am

Follow up...

1st day: PT #7 LR (-7) LG (-2)

2nd day: PT#29 LR(-10) RC(-13) woah!

3rd day PT #29 LR(-4) LG(-2)

4th day PT #30 LR(-3)....currently working on RC, so far all questions right in 1st passage.

So far, I am feeling very good and confident. I actually started looking much deeper into the questions, and also read some of the LR Bible and I have much more clarity. (No offense but screw Kaplan explanations, sometime they seem rushed, lazy, and unhelpful, especially when I am trying to figure out why my thought process was wrong) Although I practically take my sweet time on LR right now (about 2 hrs a section), I am down to -3/-4 on LR and so far seem consistent with LG at -2. I've stopped writing down explanations because I think I've gained from it good insight. Writing down questions in the beginning helped me to talk to myself and think out why an answer choice was right or wrong. After a while, I did notice the wrong answers are always the same. The easiest part of LR is finding the wrong answers now. I even write down "Irrelevant" or "out of scope" as I cross off answers without really thinking about it, it’s part of my thought process.
The biggest gain here is confidence. I know it will take me some time to get down to 35 minutes or less a section but as long as I KNOW I am capable of answering the questions correctly/feel like I KNOW what to do on each question, I should drop time. Right? Im going to do about 10 more sections (2 per day) this week and then hopefully by next week beginning Timing myself UP.

Thanks a lot!


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Re: When to worry about time?

Postby honestabe84 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:48 am

OP, if you don't like Kaplan's explanations, I might suggest getting Powerscore's deconstructed series. I thought they were pretty helpful, and I like their explanations (particularly for LR).


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Re: When to worry about time?

Postby usna02 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:59 pm

I don't think you should stress out...just be smart and realize what mistakes you have made and how to avoid them in the future.

dprendergast1 wrote:In general how long after you begin to study should you worry about time? I am scheduled to take the June 2010 LSAT and after a month of studying and stressing myself out, I am realizing that maybe I need to stop timing myself? Maybe I need to really make sure I grasp everything first because I am not seeing consistency. Every time I think I understand something I start to time myself only to get answers WRONG. Then, I lose hope. Do I have enough time at this point to just relax and try to learn the tricks to all sections COMPLETLEY or is it necessary to worry about time?

My schedule was to study LG in March, LR in April, and RC in May while taking PTs 1-2 times a week and then many times during the week leading up to the test.

However, March is practically finished and although I know how to do LGs and get answers correctly, I am not always getting EVERY answer right even when untimed, and I don’t feel as though I know all the tricks and setups that I NEED and SHOULD know. I feel like I wasted a month of just doing lots of games but not taking from them what I should have. My highest diag has been a 146, and I need to be in the 160-165 arena (158 the absolute lowest)...HELP!

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