June LSAT testing locations Tallahassee Florida, FAMU?

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June LSAT testing locations Tallahassee Florida, FAMU?

Postby MSachmorov » Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:49 pm

Hey everyone,
I signed up for the June LSAT a REALLY long time ago. I am taking it in the Tallahassee, Florida area. When I signed up FAMU was the only option because TCC and FSU was not offering an administration of the test. I wanted to be sure about this so I called FSU to see why they were not offering it. They said that because it was during the summer on a weekday they could not free up a room for the test. Anyway, I went ahead and signed up for FAMU. Out of curiosity, I check LSAC every so often to see if another site will open up. Today when I went to check it said all other locations where full.

Basically, I am wondering if any other testing locations have opened up aside from FAMU in the Tallahassee area. Does anyone have this information? If other sites have opened, which ones?

Not that it matters since I am not about to give up my seat, I am just curious.

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