Reapply Next Cycle OR Commit to Undesirable Options

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Reapply Next Cycle OR Commit to Undesirable Options

Postby raskolnikov32 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:45 pm

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Re: Reapply Next Cycle OR Commit to Undesirable Options

Postby dp73816 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:50 pm

raskolnikov32 wrote:So, I know it's late in the game but I'm considering holding off on law school for a year to try to improve my options for next cycle.

Current situation:
-Chicago native, could live with parents in the burbs, likely going to work in Chicago after school
-3.5, 157
-In at DePaul (no $), John Marshall (12K/yr in top 1/3), MSU (10K one-time plus 25%), Marquette (4K/yr)
-Waiting to hear from Kent and Denver Sturm
-WL at Loyola

Is it worth seeking a FT job for a year and studying for the June LSAT to give myself more appealing options for next cycle and save up some $? I've taken it twice already with no studying the first time (152) and minimal studying the second time (157). Yeah, I know I should have studied more but that's not the point of this post. I know I could improve my score and then if I sent my apps in on Oct 1st as opposed to early Jan what are my chances of getting better options?

Any thoughts? And please save the doesn't help.


I know everyone on this website is going to say "take a year off!" - but the fact is, the economy might not allow for it. I dont know what your financial situation is, but what if you cannot find a FT job? Is being unemployed (or just a PT) for a year a realistic possibility?? I say just role with the punches - DePaul and Marquette are your two best options, and DePaul is not a bad school by any means (I dont care what any of the T14 whores say). Work your ass off, and transfer. IT IS NOT AS HARD AS PEOPLE MAKE IT OUT TO BE - you can do whatever you want as long as your committed and you work at it. The same cannot be said for finding a job in this economic climate.

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