Bueprint Movie Course for June/October 2010 LSAT

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Re: Bueprint Movie Course for June/October 2010 LSAT

Postby basicgrey7 » Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:00 pm

bp colin wrote:I don’t think it’s all that strange at all. I’m assuming there are an overwhelming number of people who read the boards but aren't members. You asked three times about Blueprint, no one replied for a bit, and so it seems like this person created an account to answer. That doesn’t seem all that insane to me.

The review is a perfect paragraph – so what? Just because this individual understands how to correctly use apostrophes and commas doesn’t make it suspect. And while it is a pretty favorable review, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real; it appears that they just had a generally good experience. From memory, I don’t know how it “exactly mimics” one of our blogs. And even if it does, that doesn’t seem all that strange, as many of our students regularly read moststronglysupported.com.

What does seem a little suspect is the fact that you asked about the course three times and then immediately started shitting on someone who responded (even though you “do not care”). Since then, more people have responded with their experiences, which you’ve ignored. Were you considering taking the class at all, or were there other reasons for your inquiries? And, yes, as crossingforHYS said, it seems you’ve done a ton of research for this. I see you’ve taken a Powerscore course, as well. Do I think this makes you a Powerscore employee? Of course not. I have a much higher burden of proof to “know” things.

Colin is my best friend :D .

I'm glad to see him sticking up for blueprint because I really like it. I wasn't able to take the test in June, but will be using it for October.

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Re: Bueprint Movie Course for June/October 2010 LSAT

Postby lsatilt » Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:13 pm

just took the June test and not really confident in my score afterwards. did a lot of research and also took some time off to relax. now ready to get after it...after reading this thread i am going to purchase the blueprint and see where it takes me in October....

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Re: Bueprint Movie Course for June/October 2010 LSAT

Postby pumpernickel » Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:46 pm

ecrew wrote:
IBThatGuy wrote:
lparker wrote:I used Blueprint for the June Test and I can honestly say that there wasn't anything I didn't recognize or they didn't prepare me for. Except maybe that Mulch game... I was able to identify every question prompt and knew exactly what Blueprint method I should employ--correctly employing those methods might be a different story, but that's my own shortcomings.

If you're considering purchasing Blueprint--do it! It's definitely time intensive, but any well-done LSAT prep should be. That was my weakest point with the course. I work a full-time job, and I am 4 years out of undergrad. I was usually tired after work, ya know. But, again, that's me--not the course. You will feel confident when you go to take the LSAT, and you'll have a way better number 2 pencil than everyone else.

I will refrain from explicitly casting doubt on whether or not that user ID was created as an alt to advertise for BluePrint. Neither know nor care.

Correctly employing their methods should not be a (completely) different story. Did you employ them? If not, what was the reason. If it doesn't work or is not sufficiently intuitive, those could be serious drawbacks. I went through the PowerScore LGB. I can now identify games by type, and I do the setups more-or-less exactly as I did before I went through the book.

It's funny, you mention that. I know that this was a Blueprint employee. I personally, do not care. I only mention it to save actual users from getting duped if they search this thread a couple of months from now.


This entire thread is infested with Blueprint shills.


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Re: Bueprint Movie Course for June/October 2010 LSAT

Postby Tuckaseegee » Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:01 pm

Anyone able to decipher any of the subliminal messages that pop up? Can't catch any of them!

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