Studying For the 2nd Time Around

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Studying For the 2nd Time Around

Postby christinalsat » Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:13 pm

I signed up for the Feb lsat but decided not to take it partially because I didn't feel I had reached my full potential and also because the snow storm (canceled test) and a vacation threw off my rhythm. I plan on taking the rest of February off and starting back up again in March for the June test.

My first lsat score was a 150. After reading about half of the LR bible and most of the LG bible I scored a 159 on my first diagnostic with Testmasters. Overall, I don't feel the Testmasters course helped me a lot. I did most of the hmwk, but still wasn't able to break past a 166 in my last month of studying and was averaging about a 164.

My weakness is definitely LG where I was getting anywhere from 4-10 wrong. RC was unpredictable for me. Sometimes I'd get -2, other times as many as -8. LR was pretty steady and I was averaging about -2 to -4 wrong. Other than LG though, it's hard to pinpoint my weaknesses in terms of question types since most of my missed questions were caused by careless errors, time constraints, and plain old difficult questions and passages.

I'm aiming for a 170 or above and my question is if folks have any tips on how to study this second time around. Is it worth re-purchasing and going through the bibles again? (I can still see my erased pencil marks). I definitely plan on purchasing the RC bible since Testmasters gave me 0 to little guidance on this section. I feel like I'd get more out of them now that I have a better base of knowledge, but also want to really make the most out of my time. I was thinking of following this study schedule: ... edule.html, but it seems a bit much considering all the studying and exposure to material I already have.

Am also thinking of purchasing a few hours of tutoring. At what point in my studying would I benefit most from this? Beginning, middle, or end?

Toyed with the idea of buying Blueprint the movie, but I'm pretty skeptical of dumping more $ on courses after my Testmasters experience.


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Re: Studying For the 2nd Time Around

Postby JasonR » Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:26 pm

christinalsat wrote:(I can still see my erased pencil marks).

Make and then erase the same marks for every answer choice for a given problem. Then you won't have any idea which AC you previously marked before reviewing the problem.

You won't get anything from BP that wasn't in TM. Did you take the super-condensed 4-week TM course for the Feb test? Every company that offers that course schedule (just about all, I imagine) is doing their students a disservice. If you were only in class for a month, then your gains were pretty good.

It's not just about doing every problem. Your mind needs a good deal of time for things to become intuitive.

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Re: Studying For the 2nd Time Around

Postby christinalsat » Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:46 pm

Thanks. Just bought the RC and LG bibles (can't erase all the diagramming) and the Next Ten book. I'll start with those I guess and go from there.

My Testmasters course was two months long -- which with a full-time job that has me working 10+ hrs a day was just impossible to keep up with. I do feel like I put a lot of time and work into the course though, so my biggest worry is that the mid-160s is all I'm capable of.

Nonetheless, I figured it was at least worth waiting until June to see if I can do any better. Hope so!

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Re: Studying For the 2nd Time Around

Postby schand » Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:51 pm

I'm totally in the same boat. I feel like I've already gone through much of the material. I think speed is what kills me. I'm going to start going through all the games and making sure I get every one done in less then 8 minutes. I'm also going to do the same thing for the reading passages. For logical reasoning, I'm going to redo the sections, but give myself 27-30 minutes. I hope this works!

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Re: Studying For the 2nd Time Around

Postby mazz » Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:10 pm

well. i'd say just try to get perfect on LG. i had the exact same progression as you, and i took the feb test.

the RC bible was very good, though I really didn't need it at all. In fact I have a blank copy I could probably sell you for what I paid for it. my scores are basically the same as yours, and the average of my last few practice tests is about 165 -- nearly identical. I did notice that i started to tighten up on LR and RC towards the end, and LG came along. but beware. i'm a slow learner. If I studied properly for this test (meaning, did not waste half of available materials without understanding how important review is) I probably could have scored a 170+, as of right now I'm assuming I scored in my range, but who knows.

just go for it. you know the material.. there really isn't anything more you can do than repetition. but really, be very frugal with that material. I went through everything, every single test and question available of the test in its current form. if you're around there i think you just need to save what you have left and chill on the studying. nothing wrong with a score in the mid 160s

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