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How the Make-Up Went

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:46 pm
by AVBucks4239
Overall, the test was about the same level as difficult as PT's 55, 56, and 57.

The order was RC-LG-LR-LG-LR.

1. The reading comprehension was pretty straightforward and easy until the last passage, which was an incredibly dense science passage.

2. The first logic games passage was incredibly easy. It went Linear, Advanced Linear, Grouping, Linear. And the advanced Linear game was pretty easy. I probably got -2 or -3 on it.

3. The logical reasoning seemed to be more difficult on this section than usual. There were several MBT questions with formal logic that were very difficult. They really held me up and I didn't finish the last 3-4 questions.

4. This logic games section wasn't too difficult, but it wasn't easy either. The games went Linear, Grouping/Linear, Grouping, Linear. The pure grouping game was extremely difficult (Undefined, no limit). Additionally, the Grouping/Linear game had all two-worded variables (businesses) that had similar letters (for example, Networks Unlimited and Forest's Utilities [those are completely made up, but the common U caused some confusion when reading/diagramming]). The questions themselves were very time consuming (a lot of "which one of these must be true if..."). I was really hoping that the RC from earlier was the Experimental Section, but once I saw logic games I knew my performance on Section Two was rendered useless. I did not score well on this section at all, just couldn't get my focus.

5. This logical reasoning section was considerably easier than section 3. I finished 24/25 (which is rare for me) and felt confident on most of my answer choices. I had an unusual amount of D's which cracked my confidence a little bit, but I felt confident after the section.

Overall, the test was right on par with the 50's PT's. It wasn't extraordinarily difficult, but I could have done a lot of things differently in my studying.

For those of you taking the test in June, it is almost a necessity that you get all of the 50's PT's. Those alone will help you considerably.

Re: How the Make-Up Went

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:37 pm
by Squiddy
Thanks so much for the tip!
Sounds like your exam went well. :)

Re: How the Make-Up Went

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:25 pm
by southak
The first LG did seem really easy, but I also made it through the 2nd LG feeling pretty confident. I thought I found some answers pretty quickly, although, they could have been trap answers an I fell right in

The first LR was rather difficult as I had to just skim over and guess the last 3. I just hope I made the right choices on the questions I spent a lot of time on.

The second LR was a bit easier as I finished with enough time to double check a couple questions. I too was discouraged when D kept standing out as the best choice. You were not alone there after seeing to a few times I had to re-read all the answers to make sure I really wanted D again.

I have mixed feelings about the RC. This section is usually my strength, but I bombed it on my final PT Thursday. This made me overly cautious and I may have over analyzed some of the questions, possibly missing the main point.

Overall, I left the test feeling good about it. I think I may have given my best performance on the real test. Although, when my brother asked me how I did I jokingly answered, "Well, I never thought I was picking the wrong answer." That is just how tests go; you don't choose an answer unless you think it is correct. Now its time to hit the liquor store and wait.