timing issues

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timing issues

Postby motivation » Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:31 pm

I have been practicing on and off since July, and was originally going to take the test in September, but i was not scoring where i wanted to, so i decided not to register.

At this point in time, i have read the LGB, and taken a course, but have only started to get into the PT aspect of my studying, aside from the diagostics provided in the course.

Basically, my problem is that i'm not able to complete LG and LR sections in time, and usually leave 3-4 left on LR, and can only get to the setup of the 4th game on a good day. However, my accuracy in the questions i do manage to get to is somewhat reasonable, and i only miss 3-4 on LR, and 2-3 on LG.

My ambition is to register for June, and i've only gotten through 3 practice tests thus far, so basically what im asking is if im capable of increasing my timing (and accuracy) by June by simply doing PT's and reviewing? Thanks in advance.

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