June 07 Test- Sec3:Q17 & Sec2:Q24

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June 07 Test- Sec3:Q17 & Sec2:Q24

Postby shakenbake021 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:24 pm

Hi guys,
I had 2 questions about the June 07 test and a 3rd general question about Parallel/Parallel Flaw Qs. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

1) June 07 Test:
Sec3, Q17
Link: http://www.lsac.org/pdfs/SamplePTJune.pdf (p. 21)

Do you always diagram the sentence "In order to A, it is important to B" as A--> B?
I'm referring to the first sentence in the stimulus in Q17 ("In order to maintain a healthy back, it is important to exercise the muscles...").

Does that mean the phrase "in order to" introduces the sufficient condition?

Also, since "it is important" doesn't mean that it's necessary, do I need to somehow note that in my diagram on the necessary side?

2) June 07 Test:
Sec2, Q24
Link: http://www.lsac.org/pdfs/SamplePTJune.pdf (p. 15)

It's the question about car companies soliciting consumer information.

Can both the "consumer input" in (A) and the "consumer consultation" in (D) exist in the form of the less-desirable survey? Even if that were the case, does it matter? Just because they COULD be a survey, doesn't lead us to eliminate either answer choice--since they could also be designer interaction with consumers. Right?

Moreover, I'm not sure how to categorize the question prompt. Is "reasoning" the same as "argument"? Can a "proposition" be considered a "principle"? (Is this even a Principle question?) I feel like the phrase "most closely conforms to which one of the following propositions" indicates that it's a Strengthen-Principle question. But if that's true, I have trouble eliminating (D).

I diagrammed (D) like this:
If no consumer consultation --> Unappealing features
Contrapositive: If appealing features --> Consumer consultation

If consumer consultation is necessary for a car to have appealing features, doesn't that support the stimulus? OR does the answer choice have to state that "consumer consultation/input" is not only necessary, but leads to an improvement in design?

3) Lastly for Parallel/Parallel questions, I usually check the conclusion, premise(s), validity of each answer choice, one by one. But if I'm in a time crunch, would it be wise to first glance at only the conclusions (A-E), so I can quickly eliminate the obviously incorrect choices (and thereby narrow my options from which to guess)? Sorry if this is common sense.


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Re: June 07 Test- Sec3:Q17 & Sec2:Q24

Postby chewdak » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:04 pm

I think there are very few LR questions worth diagramming on the test.
Why would you want to diagram these questions?


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Re: June 07 Test- Sec3:Q17 & Sec2:Q24

Postby shakenbake021 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:39 pm

I tend to need to diagram arguments just to understand them visually. (Unfortunately, I often can't do it in my head.)

Sorry for asking so many questions up there! I think I'm okay now, so no worries.

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