Need LSAT prep advice

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Need LSAT prep advice

Postby schand » Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:53 pm

I took the Kaplan prep course in the summer of 2008 and wasn't serious about taking the exam. I began to seriously reconsider taking the exam and have signed up to take it this February 2010. I think I may have jumped the gun thinking I could master the exam in one month (shoot for 170). I don't think my own test taking strategies have worked and I've only found some of the strategies from Kaplan useful. My main problems are logical reasoning and games. At this point I am only hitting around 155. Since I've written all over my material and already taken a prep course, I'm not sure how I should replan a study schedule. I am extremely motivated, but just can't seem to cross whatever threshold is holding me back from scoring high. I am in between jobs and have a lot of time (except one month I will be traveling abroad). Should I take another prep course? If so, which one? Should I get a tutor? Are there any affordable tutors out there? Any advice would be exremely helpful. Many, many thanks!

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