The Official February 2010 Waiting Thread

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Re: The Official February 2010 Waiting Thread

Postby Sammi » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:56 pm

r6_philly wrote:
Sammi wrote:
Logic Games big time. I learn best when I'm able to talk to someone else (a teacher, other students) when figuring out why. It's just my own personal learning style. Classes suit me better :)

*in other words... don't rain on my parade--it cost a lot o money.

Actually sounds like you need a tutor. Some personalized one on one time will help you develop a good plan to attack the games. It will never be one size fits all, and if you can learn better from interaction a tutor will probably save money and accomplish more than classes

Already paid for the class, but it comes with 24 hour call in help blah blah, so I'm not worried.

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