June 2009 pt 57 - RC question..

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June 2009 pt 57 - RC question..

Postby s1m4 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:08 am

Hey guys, on the RC section,#12 why is B correct and A not? I mean right before the quote the author refers to them as overly emotional.. Any input? Thanks in advance!

Atlas LSAT Brian

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Re: June 2009 pt 57 - RC question..

Postby Atlas LSAT Brian » Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:44 pm


In the quote mentioned, the author says "Some scientists...claim that the humanist is interested in nothing more than emotion."

Interested in emotion is not the same thing as "wildly emotional."

A little further on is the real clue: "To such men and women (the scientists), humanities serve no function for the practical survival of human society...Such pragmatists (the scientists) believe..."

Reading it this way, you can see that the scientists, who don't like the humanists, are practical, which means the humanists must not be.

As a general rule, an answer like (A) will never be correct. It's just too "extreme." It gets the feeling across, which is why it's a tempting choice, but it's not logically supported in the text, like (B) is. Tricky, tricky, this test :)

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