Question About Explanations in LGB

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Question About Explanations in LGB

Postby DaveBear07 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:18 pm

So I just finished the Grouping Section in the LGB and have typically been finishing the games without missing a question. The explanations for the questions however, seem to include much unneeded work, inferences, and diagramming.

Did anyone else feel this way? Or am I going to kick myself later for not trying to see and diagram everything that the LGB does?

Thanks for any helpful insight.


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Re: Question About Explanations in LGB

Postby pattymac » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:00 am

Yep, I rationalized that those prep companies have all day to figure out those questions and thus have a responsibility to include inferences that aren't immeadiately obvious or don't have strong bearing on the questions. If you're getting the questions right, don't worry, you've got the concepts down. Start worrying when you're getting them wrong under timed conditions. I think everyone here would conclude with me that you don't need every inference (or even some key ones) to be efficient BUT they will obviously help you int he long the. The LGB is awesome, but you kinda have to tailor to your own needs after a certain point. For example, I smashed that advanced linear game about the sites, discoverers and centuries even though I missed a key inference (I wanna say the third site was discovered by Gallagher and from the 10th century). I got perfect on it in four minutes without that inference.

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