TLSers for June LSAT in the Charlotte area?

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TLSers for June LSAT in the Charlotte area?

Postby LSAT Taker » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:08 am

I have been self-studying off and on for a few months with Feb LSAT in mind (even joined the February 2010 Study Group thread on the forum), but concluded yesterday that I'm not ready yet to take an actual test. Shooting for 170+ (I have a paltry UGPA), I am now fully committed to June LSAT.

With 5 months or so left before the test, I'm wondering if there are any TLSers in the Charlotte (NC) area planning to take the same test. If so, it would be great to compare notes and share strategies offline sometime. Once every other week, perhaps?

Good luck to all!

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