So I think I'm retaking...

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So I think I'm retaking...

Postby davisuga » Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:14 pm February even though the majority (maybe all?) of the TLSers that replied to my earlier thread advised against it whole heartedly. My only question concerns the applications being placed on hold. I have a 163/170/3.3 which is VERY borderline for Vanderbilt and UVA. I figure that if I don't get a straight rejection from those two, then I'll be put on hold for those two. That is fine for me. I don't care, doesn't bother me. However, Tulane and UGA are two other schools that I plan on applying to also. My 170 is a definite acceptance at both of these schools I believe. Will they hold my application because they see that I'm taking again in February? If so, then it would greatly influence my decision. I want a definite admit before I go screwing around for reach schools. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


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Re: So I think I'm retaking...

Postby scuzle » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:26 pm

I dont know the answer, however I do not think that they will hold the application. Even so, this late in the process you might want to accept a bid at one of your safety schools, retake the test, do awesome on it, and possibly use it to transfer next year. Its always a possibility but with rolling admissions us later apps are on the outside looking in. Just a general thought. Good Luck! Thats an awsome lsat man!

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