164 lsat...tips to break in 170's?

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164 lsat...tips to break in 170's?

Postby zenaida » Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:08 pm

hello everyone,

I searched the forum so I've seen some threads but they're old and i'm looking for some new tips. I would want to retake the test in October 2010, I canceled September, got a 164 on the December. I started with a 147 and the LR is killing me! I only missed one on the games and about 5 on the RC but I missed a lot on the LR.

So what are the tips from moving to low 160's to ...realistically high, high 160s or low 170's? I'm not looking for perfect score or genius score but any advice on improving would help ..mainly what study plan I should follow thinking I've been studying since January 09, took a Testamsters class, and all PTs since 1997.

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Re: 164 lsat...tips to break in 170's?

Postby blhblahblah » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:01 pm

Given that you need help in LR, I'd endorse a more targeted approach. If you have the time, cut out all individual LR questions from PT #1-38, and sort them by question type. Drill them, over and over again.

You might even consider sorting them using different configurations: by topic, mode of reasoning (causal, conditional, formal, etc.), difficulty, etc.

Clip together questions that give you trouble, and revisit them often.


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Re: 164 lsat...tips to break in 170's?

Postby cubswin » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:08 pm

As mentioned above, do a lot of work on LR. But, if you think -5 isn't where you peak out on RC, see if you can get it down to -2/-3 consistently. Those extra few points will really help.

Is your big issue with LR certain question types (e.g. the ones with higher degrees of abstraction, like parallel reasoning or method of reasoning) or do you feel like time is your main enemy?


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Re: 164 lsat...tips to break in 170's?

Postby 7ED » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:57 pm

Change it up. On logical reasoning finish the first 15 or so (depending on the last question on a page), then flip to the end and start from the last question. I found that I lost the 1-3 mistakes i'd always get near the end that came from time pressure, cause the ones in the middle are easier. And now, I usually end up with a 1-3 minutes (sometimes 5) to check over questions that I starred. If you can finish LR in 30 minutes, U will get a decent mark.

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