Need Some Advice: Chances at BU BC ND NE UCONN

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Need Some Advice: Chances at BU BC ND NE UCONN

Postby ejed09 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:53 am

Im rather new to TLS (this is my first post actually) and was hoping to get some input on a few schools im applying to)


LSAT: 165 DEC; 154 SEPT - I was sick during the SEPT test and in retrospect should def not have taken it. I visited a doctor a few days before the test and he said he'd be willing to write a letter stating my illness negatively effect my performance on the SEPT test (not sure if that matters at all)

UGPA: 3.35 from BU. My steadily risen; For the first two years it was bellow a 3.00 (thanks PREMED!), but since that point I've maintained close to 3.70. I talk about this in my personal statement a bit (my troubles in PREMED) and i'm considering adding an addendum detailing this further.

I think my extracurricular are quite solid. I have leadership position in my schools ski club, cultural club. I have done several internship (albeit in FINANCE) over the past two years at State Street Bank and Merrill Lynch.

I believe my personal statements and LOR will also be quite strong.

I'm Looking to apply to BC, BU, Villanova, Notre Dame, Northeastern, UCONN, and a few safeties.

Do you guys think i have a decent chance at any of the above schools? My (highest) LSAT falls in range with all the schools, however I'm also aware that my GPA, in most cases, falls outside of the 25th percentile range. Any chance the schools will legitimately factor in the difficulty of the course load i took my first two years in college (Premed Class at BU tend to have a average grade of C+)?

Thanks in advance for your input. Happy New Year!


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Re: Need Some Advice: Chances at BU BC ND NE UCONN

Postby rookhawk » Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:44 pm

The only one I can give you any real world advice on is Notre Dame. (I have a Masters from ND, not a JD)

ND has a near infinite amount of applicants applying for their programs that would also qualify the applicants for Chicago, NW, Yale, Harvard, etc. That is the bad news.

The good news is that it is Notre Dame. They have nothing to prove to anyone and they are willing to invest in people that they believe have a compelling story and talent ready to be unleashed.

I believe the person with a 180 LSAT and 4.33 UGPA stands with only a *slightly* better chance of getting into ND than the personal with decent grades, LSAT scores and a completely unique, COMPELLING reason why they should be admitted.

Bottom line is that Notre Dame looks at the whole person a lot more than most top 25 schools. (regardless of the degree you're pursuing) I'd suggest you really focus on your personal statements and do some soul searching to find out what makes you a unique, inspiring candidate. It can be done.

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Re: Need Some Advice: Chances at BU BC ND NE UCONN

Postby ogman05 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:48 pm ... hools.aspx

Click on respective schools and you'll have most everyone you need to know in the links directly from the ABA themselves. Just might need to interpret it a little.

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