Forthcoming changes to LSAT Analytical Reasoning

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Forthcoming changes to LSAT Analytical Reasoning

Postby albanach » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:52 pm

Note - the changes mentioned here are unlikely to happen for a period of several years. Those currently studying for the LSAT are unlikely to be affected.

In 2011, Angelo Binno sued the American Bar Association, claiming it effectively required that law schools accept the LSAT, and that the LSAT discriminated against visually impaired test takers by requiring diagraming of logic games.

That suit was unsuccessful with the US Supreme Court denying cert in 2017, but Binno followed up by suing LSAC.

Notable to the case, is that Binno's original attorney in the case was Richard Bernstein, who joined the Michigan Supreme Court in 2015, becoming its first blind justice. Months later, Bernstein spoke at Harvard Law School, where he argued that the LSAT violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This month, eight years after the initial suit was filed against the ABA, LSAC have settled the case. As a result of the settlement, "LSAC has agreed, among other things, to work with Mr. Binno and Ms. Taylor to identify additional accommodations that they can use if they take the LSAT in the future [...] Additionally, LSAC has begun research and development into alternative ways to assess analytical reasoning skills [...] Consistent with the parties' agreement, LSAC will complete this work within the next four years, which will enable all prospective law school students to take an exam administered by LSAC that does not have the current AR section but continues to assess analytical reasoning abilities."

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