What is Big Law anyway? (areas of practice)

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What is Big Law anyway? (areas of practice)

Postby jbp15860 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:54 am

I know Big Law seems to be the dream of most people, but I'm not sure I'm one of those people. I'm not saying I'm not, but I'm not completely clear on what it all entails, and I'm hoping y'all can help me, as it could help me make a tough decision when it comes time to choose a law school. That is, between U of H and UT (in Texas).

It seems to me that most Big Law jobs revolve around finance and/or business or some sort. Is that correct? It seems that many of the jobs require some background, or at least some great knowledge in business economics, corporate finances, etc... If that's the case, well, I know absolutely nothing about any of that and I don't think I really care to. I am pretty positive that I want to be a litigator, unless I find something really interesting about certain transactional work.

So, I guess what I'm asking is: what the hell do all the Big Law firms do? Is it all based around M&A for the most part, and stuff like that? What about real estate and copyright law? Is that more mid size? Any information or experience would be appreciate. Take the LSAT this September so I really need to think about whether or not it's even worth it to try and squeeze my way into UT.

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