University of Arkansas School of Law Class of 2021

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University of Arkansas School of Law Class of 2021

Postby tlsadmin2 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:25 pm

April 15th: JD Application Deadline

Student Budget & Cost of Attendance

Resident Law Student/Non-resident Law Student/International Law Student

Tuition: $7,146.00/$16,596.00/$16,596.00
Facilities Fee: 234/234/234
Student Health Fee: 108.75/108.75/108.75
Library Fee: $41.55/$41.55/$41.55
Media Fee: 12.90/12.90/12.90
Network and Data Systems Fee: 157.20/157.20/157.20
Student Activity Fee: 39.60/39.60/39.60
Transit Fee: 44.25/44.25/44.25
School of Law: 274.50/274.50/274.50
Intl. Student Service Fee: 0/0/0/95
Intl. Student Health Insurance Fee: 0/0/0/971.50
Total Estimated Tuition and Fees: $8,058.75/$17,508.75/$18,575.25
Estimate for Books and Supplies: $523.00/$523.00/$523.00
Personal Expenses and Travel: $2,423.00/$2,423.00/$2,423.00

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