Sturm College of Law, University of Denver Class of 2021

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Sturm College of Law, University of Denver Class of 2021

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Key Dates

March 1st: Deadline Law admits first-year and advanced standing students (fall semester)
March 1st: Deadline for Chancellor Scholarship Applications (first-year students only)
April 1st: 1st Tuition Deposit Due
June 2nd: 2nd Tuition Deposit Due
June 11th 2018: Law School Admission Test (LSAT) part-time
July 1st: Transfer Students Deadline for Fall Transfer applicants
July 1st: Visiting Students Deadline for Fall Transfer applicants


Applications: 2,383
Enrolled: 250
Full-time: 214
Part-time: 36
Median LSAT: 157
25th – 75th Percentile LSAT: 154-159
Median GPA: 3.46
25th – 75th Percentile GPA: 3.13-3.63
Female: 58%
Male: 42%
Diversity: 23%
Median Age: 24
States Represented: 32
Out-of-State Enrollment: 44%
Undergrad Institutions Represented: 134

Student Budget & Cost of Attendance

Tuition is $1687 per credit.
For full-time students, taking 30 credits, that is $50,610 annually.
For part-time students, taking 22 credits, that is $37,114 annually.

Direct Costs
(billed by DU)
Tuition (30 credits): $50,610
Fees: $332
Estimated Health Insurance:$3,220
Subtotal: $54,162

Indirect Costs
(not billed by DU)
Books: $1,200
Housing & Meals: $15,048
Transportation: $1,535
Personal Expenses: $1,359
Loan Fees: $222
Cost of Attendance: $73,526

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