Should I try again, withdrew before classes at T15

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Should I try again, withdrew before classes at T15

Postby MtnGinger » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:50 pm

So I applied for law school right out of college I felt kinda pushed toward it I got some great offers and took an offer from UT Austin with what was basically a full ride. Eventually though I got cold feet, I'm an introvert I have trouble making small talk or standing up for myself and my goals were to get a clerkship and work in public interest or the government preferably the FBI or DOJ program. I knew this was a tough path for even the best students so I decided my personality didn't match my goals and I withdrew.

Now its been 3 years I have a stable job that I hate but basically its an in demand professional field and I could theoretically get a new job pretty easy but I've thought of all the paths available near me and none sound interesting or fulfilling they're just jobs albeit stable jobs. I can't get law school out of my head. I don't want or can really afford (can anyone) to go into debt but I can't shake the thought of working hard and actually getting my dream job. Is this persistent doubt enough that I should pack up my spouse and dogs and move to go to law school or am I really not cut out and need to stop watching Boston Legal and SVU? I'm sure I could raise my LSAT plus the work experience and professional certification I feel I could get in a better school since my first time K-JD I got into the T10 with some scholarship

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Re: Should I try again, withdrew before classes at T15

Postby UVA2B » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:58 pm

You've asked essentially an intensely personal question.

If you want to be an attorney, you should go to law school. If you just can't get the idea of law school out of your head, figure out why that is and decide whether what you actually want is to be an attorney. Since you're questioning this on a personal level so heavily, take the time to define what your ideal career path would be as an attorney (is it still PI or DOJ/FBI? These are very different careers mostly, so some specificity would really help), what you would do if that career path didn't work out, and whether you're willing to make the career change right now for that opportunity/risk of failure.

You shouldn't want to go to law school because you think a legal career is something out of a TV show. But that doesn't mean it isn't a career for you. You need to exercise some deep introspection about why you want it, what it is you want, and how much you're willing to spend/give up to get it. We can't do that calculus for you (especially absent any actionable information).

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