Study Abroad Grades in LSAC GPA?

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Study Abroad Grades in LSAC GPA?

Postby marcosand182 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 6:23 pm

Hi all,

I'd normally stick to reading other threads but the issue isn't entirely clear so here goes:

I spent my junior year abroad in the UK taking courses. My home institution doesn't convert these grades into the American system (the UK system is 0.0-20.0). What happens is when my transcript is processed soon, my study abroad grades will be directly placed onto my transcript as they appeared on my UK transcript and do not factor into my GPA. So, rather than the grade appearing as a letter, the numeric value will be transplanted on there.My question is whether or not these grades will be factored into the LSAC GPA given the following:

1. My study abroad is being counted as transfer credit because it was not a program sponsored by my home institution (so I was directly enrolled at the UK university, as opposed to it being NYU in Florence or something like that), and

2. My term of study was less than 1 calendar year's worth.

I have heard two wildly different answers and LSAC isn't being straight with me.


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