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Re: Laptops (again!)

Postby NotAGolfer » Fri May 19, 2017 10:27 am

albanach wrote:
KME89 wrote:
Studybuddy17 wrote:Anyone have any thoughts regarding 13 inch vs. 15 inch laptop sizes for law school usage?

13 inch is obviously somewhat cheaper and lighter, so I'm curious if the smaller screen size would pose any sort of obstacle for note-taking or research purposes

I have a smaller laptop that, while old, works pretty well. I'm giving it to my mom and upgrading to a larger laptop. In my experience, if you're trying to look at two documents on the same screen at once, it's ridiculous to do it on that size of a screen.

Get an external monitor and keep it at your apartment. If you buy a Dell, Lenovo or other business class machine, pick up a cheap docking station on eBay and a nice external keyboard and mouse. You can use the monitor for all your Netflix/Prime/Hulu stuff when you're not studying.

This is my plan

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