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Hello all,

I, like many before me, have decided to pursue a JD in addition to my CPA. I am attracted to law for two reasons, one: the salary (big law). Two, I genuinely love tax work (though the salary is a little limited over the trajectory of the career, (CPA only) see reason one). A jd would help in either scenario as it would allow me one, a shot a big law, or two, access to more tax planning/controversy work within my current career. I have outstanding applications for part-time programs (can't give up my lifestyle) for Fordham and Brooklyn. I will not be attending Brooklyn unless there is a substantial offset to my cost (like...90k), but Fordham has caused me to second guess myself.

Of course, I want to be able to go to Fordham at a steeply discounted price, though a part of me feels that even at sticker attending Fordham could be a valuable move. That thought; however, has its foundation on a couple of pretty big assumptions.

Assumption 1: I'm a tax CPA, a lot of my job is non-legal. At its heart it though, researching, interpreting, and claiming positions on transactions/returns is a legal endeavor. It is my hope that by the time I spit out of PT Law School, i'll be a manager, and some of my experience will count for something when applying to Big Law Tax, (or, to a lesser extent, big law in general). Please, destroy my sense of self-worth with the reality of the situation...and don't hold back, as this is quite the financial commitment i'm considering and I would hate to spend four years and a small fortune only to arrive at an interview and have them completely dismiss my work experience.

Assumption 2: (I admit, there will be a scant few (if any) who could possibly address this assumption, but I have to try) Even if I can't make big law, JD/CPA in a CPA firm is a valuable addition, and I will see an increase in my salary there (by that point i'll most likely be at about 110k/year + bonus just with my CPA (NYC numbers, for those who care)) I do know that I can't practice law at a cpa firm, but it seems to be a direction big 4 are going.

Please, let me know what you think about these assumptions, and if they have any ground in reality. I really appreciate the feedback and guidance.

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