Is Criminal Law Dangerous and/or Unpleasant?

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Re: Is Criminal Law Dangerous and/or Unpleasant?

Postby adonai » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:18 am

dr123 wrote:my anecdata suggests your more likely to be killed/harmed by a divorce/custody client as opposed to criminal.

Official statistics say that divorce lawyers are murdered the most, followed by prosecutors. But the amount that are killed in both are pretty low. IIRC, the average was like 3 prosecutors killed every five years or so. Bottom line is most criminal attorneys will be threatened (whether minor or major) at some point in their career. The recent Kauffman County DA slayings show that you don't have to be a gang/mafia member to carry out your threats. Also shows no one (not even THE district attorney) is safe.

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