Is this gpa scenario true?

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Is this gpa scenario true?

Postby barberiolisa » Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:15 am

I have an abysmal gpa, due to healthconcerns and have a solid year to study for the LSAT. I want to break a top 50 school. A Harvard law graduate that does LSAT tutoring told me that:

Say you get a LSAT score of 169, or 170+

and that is higher than many 20-50 schools LSAT median, even if you get a 3.3 or a 2.5 gpa, that once the gpa is below 25 percent, the 3.3 below the 25 percent can be regarded same as a 2.5 also below the gpa 25 percent, but as long as you have say a 170 LSAT score, if

person A has a 170 LSAT and a 3.3 gpa (under 25 percent) and person B has a 170 LSAT and 2.5 gpa (under 25 percent), you really are in the same boat, since the LSAT is higher than their 75 percent LSAT and the gpa in both cases is below their 25 percent. Right? Wrong?


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Re: Is this gpa scenario true?

Postby toothbrush » Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:29 am

don't post multiple threads. i responded (accidentally) here. it should be moved to law school admissions forum.


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