Interview question and advice request...

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Interview question and advice request...

Postby samn » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:31 pm

UT Law (specifically, the Assistant Dean for Admission and Financial Aid, Monica Ingram) just emailed me offering the chance to interview with her and encouraging me to submit a "Why UT?" essay. I think I can write a great "Why UT?" essay, because I really, really want to go there.

I was an early decision applicant, but my application was held.

My LSAT (162) is below what they have usually accepted in the past, BUT 1.) I am retaking the LSAT in February, and I expect to make a much higher score (recent practices tests have been 165-167), 2.) my GPA (3.92) is above their 75th percentile, 3.) because of the dearth of applications, I've noticed that many schools are lowering their LSAT score expectations this year, and 4.) I have really strong softs.

My interview question is: How good of a thing is this? Does UT request interviews with candidates they will probably reject? Or does this mean they're seriously considering me? The email said "interviews [plural] will be held in NYC on..." and "If [indicating they don't know one way or the other] you didn't submit a "Why UT?" statement, I suggest you do so" so I'm not sure if it's a form email or not. If it was a form email, it was only sent to early decision candidates who were held and live in NYC , which is a pretty small group I imagine.

My interview advice request: Anything you can offer would be appreciated... but feel free to ignore this second question, because I'm sure I can find plenty of interview advice by searching this forum.

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