Should I go to law school?

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Re: Should I go to law school?

Postby Cats&Doodles » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:20 pm

sadsituationJD wrote:
I'm considering a legal career not because I have a passion for law, but because law, especially issues in elder law and disability, can be very confusing and overwhelming. I want to be the person who makes things clear and manageable and unambiguous. I just want to help people.

What's "confusing" about being warehoused in some piss-smelling nursing home sitting on a rubber sofa watching "Wheel of Fortune" reruns until you get an staph-infected bedsore and then tossed underground for a long dirt nap?

I fully support legalized euthanasia for the terminally ill/Alzheimer's afflicted elderly. It's much more humane and a tremendous cost-savings. More economical than filling out 96,547 pages of makework Medicaid legalese shitpaper and having your heirs screwed out of a payday thanks to the Medicaid "look-back" period. There is no quality of life in nursing homes, and most of the patients (if they were indeed sentient) would opt to just die.

Of course, private nursing homes are big business here in the USA, and combined with the screwball Jesus-freaks we have 0 shot of getting legalized euthanasia.

Oh, yeah, nursing homes aren't confusing. Not at all. Especially not for the spouses and families of those in nursing homes wondering, "Am I going to lose my house? Am I going to have enough money to pay my bills because the nursing home is taking my spouse's social security/pension check?" Or what about those instances where people wonder if their loved one is being abused, only they don't know what to do because the person is unable to effectively communicate and everyone who works in the nursing home doesn't give a shit. Do those people have any rights? No, no. You're right. Let's just euthanize the elderly population to save ourselves some paperwork. Good plan.

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Re: Should I go to law school?

Postby typ3 » Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:45 pm

If you have strong business connections, like to hustle, or have strong connections to the legal field with guaranteed employment. Go to law school, but minimize your debt load as much as possible.

Otherwise, don't go to law school.

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