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Re: Ask 1L Dropout of the Class of 2014 anything.

Postby jetsetter12 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:41 pm

r6_philly wrote:So you are accusing me of making generalizations while you are making the opposite generalization?

Yes, here:
r6_philly wrote: But you will probably just be stuck at another job getting paid less.

r6_philly wrote:Have you held a real job? A real career? Do you know what makes you happy? Having you ever been completely responsible for your everything?

Yes. As before mentioned, beginning shortly. Yes (happiness is the default position). Yes.

r6_philly wrote:If you committed to sink three years of your life and a bunch of cost into an endeavor you reneged 1/3 way through, due to lack of forethought or whatever, why does your opinion on what makes people happy or productive hold any weight?

1/6 of the way actually. You say lack of forethought, I say misguided forethought (although looking at it ex post, maybe). My opinion on happiness holds no weight, I'm simply stating the FACT that an individual's happiness equation doesn't necessarily give the same emphasis on his/her income as another's. Which I may not have made clear here:

jetsetter12 wrote:Some of us have the freedom. I say to all who have this freedom, don't let the "you won't make any money" charlatans dissuade you from not going to law school/dropping out if it truly isn't in your heart. Money isn't everything.

But alas, we agree here:

r6_philly wrote:You said it right: my decision is right for me, yours may be right for you. You can't generalize that it is a good or bad decision for each and everyone. It works for people who know what they are getting into, not so much for people who went to law school on a whim.

You and I are getting so bogged down in semantics and meaningless detail, but on the whole we agree. It is probably my fault for not emphasizing this fact enough: if you have done your due diligence and law school's valuation (calculated using more than just the money aspect) done by you (whomever you are) is better than any/EVERY other option (including doing nothing), PLEASE PLEASE GO. Don't let fears or anything else about the economy dissuade you. Even if the money isn't right, if you love it, do it. However, those of you doing it in spite of it not truly being the right choice...please drop out for your sake or renege on your enrollment.


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Re: Ask 1L Dropout of the Class of 2014 anything.

Postby r6_philly » Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:00 pm

First of all, I wish you the best. I just think you are premature in judging law vs. other jobs since you haven't really gotten bogged down in it. One of the most frustrating thing about working is straight up merit means very little in the grand scheme of things once you get in the door. So the relationship building, professional interpersonal skills are probably the #1 factor in advancing and determining compensation. So most people end up being unhappy with their work, not because the work itself is not good, but because you feel like you are not being treated fairly for the quality of your work. My point was, until you have a full understanding (ex post) perspective of what "working for pay" really means over the long run, you are should hold off on judging whether practicing law is really as horrible as you perceive it to be now.

But best of luck at your new job. Should you come to love it, then it would be wonderful.

Schools should really require kids working a few years before coming to law school anyway, it's a perspective hard to explain (look at how hard it is for me to explain it here).

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