Industrial Hygienist/Exposure scientist--LAW?

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Industrial Hygienist/Exposure scientist--LAW?

Postby huskie_eagle » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:24 pm

Hello everyone,

Newbie here. Haven't been able to find what I needed on a google search so I figure this would be a great resource!

For starters, I recently graduated college last December from an east coast state HBCU with degrees in Political Science and Environmental Biology (long story behind the combination). I will be pursuing my masters this fall in Occupational and Environmental Exposure Sciences at the University of Washington. Essentially, this is a broad term for industrial hygiene/workplace safety and exposures. This field is exceptionally in demand especially given that all of us are on full traineeships even at the masters level.

I always pursued my career path with the intention of ultimately receiving a PhD and entering academia. A lofty thought, but the erosion of the tenure process and the 'publish or perish' attitude really makes me considering weighing other options. It was not until recently where I thought about receiving a law degree to supplement my graduate training in workplace safety and exposures. I looked absolutely everywhere on the net and could not find any information whatsoever on law schools that may have foci/specialties in this area. I'm wondering is anyone familiar with this field--if one exists? UW places its graduates with corporations like Boeing and DOW Chemical, so I wonder if having a law degree an asset for these companies to an already in demand skill-set? Also, I'm not seeking to do personal injury law.

Thanks in advance, any information would help!


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Re: Industrial Hygienist/Exposure scientist--LAW?

Postby Manimal » Tue May 22, 2012 2:01 pm

1.get your PhD
2. join as many professional associations
3. get a handful of years work experience - government agency maybe
4. publish as much as you can
5. work as expert witness and get paid better than all the lawyers while still practicing your love of science.

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