Binding Deferrals and Scholarships

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Binding Deferrals and Scholarships

Postby lawclass2015 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:43 pm

I've spent the last few hours looking through past posts regarding this topic. I am under the understanding that scholarships are not guaranteed.

Having said that, anyone know what the likelihood that I'll receive a similar scholarship in the following cycle if I choose to defer with a binding commitment at a T20-30 school? An opportunity came up that I'd like to pursue for a year and I've been granted a deferral, but it's a binding commitment. However, without a scholarship the following year, there would be no way I can afford to go to law school. Would I be better off taking my chances and just reapplying next year or should I defer? I definitely am interested in attending the law school. I would just like to do it next year rather than this year.

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