Are winter and summer programs worth going...?

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Are winter and summer programs worth going...?

Postby Airknight » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:35 am

Are winter and summer programs worth going to make one's resume MORE impressive before going to JD? I am at the moment not studying in the US, so I thought perhaps going to a US law school sponsored program will make it look like I am very interested in American law and stuff. Also, if I am interested in knowledge gain, is one of these summer schools worth it? I want to know as much law so as to be as prepared as possible. I like London and HK, so location matters.

    Duke has two programs: (1) Geneva and (2) HK.
    Cornell has one program: in Paris.
    Chicago has a Law & Economics summer program.
    GW has an IP program in Munich.
    LSE has Law summer program.
    Gtown has a summer program in London.
    Oxlahoma University has an Oxford summer program.

What are your opinions?

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