Letter of Rec Processing Time by Schools

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Letter of Rec Processing Time by Schools

Postby dkalinow » Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:52 pm

May seem trivial but it has been bugging me for the last couple weeks... I have recently sent in my applications. Some are complete, but the ones that are incomplete are because of no letters of rec. It seems odd because a local SoCal school made my file complete while another SoCal school states it is still missing my letters of rec. I assume it is due to the school's processing time and eventually getting to the letters. But I would like to see other's opinions on this too. When is a viable time to contact LSAC if I believe the letters to be "lost." I highly doubt this is the case but just like to see some opinions on this. It just strikes me as weird as letters from LSAC have arrived in CA as seen in one app but other apps state letter of recs are not in yet. Thanks for the help.

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