LSAC GPA and transfers?

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LSAC GPA and transfers?

Postby FarmerInTheDell » Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:22 pm

So after two years I transferred schools and i'm finishing my undergrad this winter. What i'm wondering is how accurate is the LSAC gpa calculator going to be if I try to calculate my LSAC gpa? I'm pretty sure that I received a couple A+'s at my first school, but most of the classes at my second school don't go higher than an A.

I would be using my transcript from my second school to calculate my LSAC gpa which could throw things off considerably if my first school used a plus and minus system. When I look at the transcript from the school i'm at currently, it lists the classes that I took at my first school and doesn't report A+'s.

So basically, can I use the LSAC GPA calculator with the transcript from the school that i'm at currently and get an accurate reading?

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