3.18 GPA vs 3.39 GPA

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Re: 3.18 GPA vs 3.39 GPA

Postby dabomb75 » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:41 pm

I'm a 3.2x/172 who got into Penn ED, and I personally don't think the rest of my application had anything else that was particularly stellar (essay was good I'd say, but not amazing). So outside of the top 6 I would say no school is completely out of range with those stats, although it's a low chance at any one of them.

I would suggest figure out which school you like the best in the T7-14 schools and apply ED if you're willing to paying sticker. Otherwise apply to all of those schools as well as the 15-30 schools and get yourself a solid 1/2 scholly

Also, this has no basis in any actual knowledge, but a 3.3 is way sexier than a 3.18, so if you have the chance to improve that, then go for it. It may make the difference between getting into a solid t-14 and not

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