Is it even worth it now?

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Re: Is it even worth it now?

Postby aliarrow » Mon May 02, 2011 10:01 pm

Patriot1208 wrote:
aliarrow wrote:
Patriot1208 wrote:This is certainly true for a subset of jobs but not for the majority. Most accountants will make middle class wagws there whole lives. Same with most other jobs like paralegals or secrataries. But of course for the economists who work for the ftc what you are saying stands.

But does it stand if you apply it to the same job types?
Ie Public Sector Secretaries vs. Private Sector Secretaries

No, according to those labor statistics and in my anecdotal experience. For example, my fathers secretary makes 17 dollars an hour which is apparently competive for his mid sized town in ohio. It also includes health insurance and a matching retirement plan. He'll give her a few raises if she stays but nothing humongous. His last secretary was with him till she retired in 07 and she never made more than 23 an hour. The secretary in my office is mid career, been there about 15 years, and makes 54k plus health and dental and a matching retirement plan. She'll probably retire making around 62k.

It isn't great data, but I looked on and the Education/Gov't/Nonprofit secretary salaries had about the same slope as the national average, it was just a little bit lower for each grade. But I'm sure the 'Nonprofit' sector plays a role in pulling that down.

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Re: Is it even worth it now?

Postby FantasticMrFox » Tue May 03, 2011 3:47 pm

For me, the only doubt comes from the fact that law is such a focused field in terms of the country you can practice in while medicine and other degrees such as finance, MBA, PhD are all universal...

sure the economy is now rather global and a bad market in the US would often equate to an even worse market in other parts but especially with corporate law, there are increasing numbers that go to Asia or even London.

If I had any aptitude for sciences, I definitely would've gone for medicine :P (but i can't stand cutting into flesh so probably not)

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