Worth going to Law School if...

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Re: Worth going to Law School if...

Postby ResolutePear » Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:20 am

alexonfyre wrote:
ResolutePear wrote:
There's more businesses than law practices.

I'll leave you with a secret: law practices are businesses, too.

Just because they are businesses doesn't mean they will hire MBAs. Only the most well-organized firms actually hire an executive business staff, and many times those guys aren't even MBAs.
MBAs often ask for way too much money and then underperform, especially from the glut of TTT schools. This obviously isn't as much a problem coming from T1 business schools, and there are some very smart businessmen coming out of some TTTs, but the situation is pretty scary to many small businesses.
If an MBA is willing to accept 45k a year at an entry level position, then your argument holds, but if he is looking for a 60k+ salary as a professional, then he is looking at a market much the same as the legal market with much less lateral mobility (Rarely will you see someone move from marketing to HR. Whereas in law, people can move around between M&A, tax, contracts and even criminal, anything outside of IP is basically fair game.)
I work at a small business right now in which I have firsthand knowledge of the organizations of many firms from small to large (not Vault large, but regionally large.)

Salary is not a question. As I said before, there are retail managers and public defenders; Fortune 500 CEO's and NJ250 Partners.

Sure you run into problems if you go UG->MBA without undergrad, but that not the norm. MBA's are meant for established professionals with 4-5 years of experience in their area of expertise looking to either qualify for a job in their current company or change careers.

Those people will not get pwned as frequently and that is the reason that Northwestern values work experience overall - even in their JD programs. Nothing is worse than a JD-grad with no work experience and below medium. At any school.

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