Lacking business background

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Re: Lacking business background

Postby cmraider » Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:35 pm

Fred_McGriff wrote:

Great overview of all sorts of topics, has all sorts of quizzes etc. Great source and general financial reference wiki.

Investopedia taught me almost everything I know about finance. It's a great place to start. Also, and I know I'll get reamed for this, if you want to learn the basics of stock trading, check out some of Jim Cramer's books. His books do a good job of breaking down the stock market into lay man's terms. I know he's a pretty polarizing figure, but the books are a good introduction to fundamental analysis.

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Re: Lacking business background

Postby nealric » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:43 am

Listen, the whole "Business is easy, you just have to wikipedia things." argument works well on the internet - but it doesn't translate to the real world. Chances are, OP is going to be working with some pretty astute business professionals. They aren't going to care whether or not the OP has a vague familiarity with a few random BUS101 terms, but if OP fails to understand how corporations interact with the world around them and what features of their business are central to their success, it is going to be a long road.


OP wants to do litigation. You don't need to know anything about business other than perhaps the most basic stuff (which you will probably have spelled out to you at an in-house CLE) to do litigation.

I'm a biglaw associate. I was also a philosophy major. You pick it up as you go.

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