Laptop Question from a 0L

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Re: Laptop Question from a 0L

Postby alexb » Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:18 pm

3|ink wrote:I'll be entering 1L in August of next year. Although I don't plan to buy a laptop until a week before I begin class, I'm currently browsing the market to get an idea for what's out there. Battery life is one of my concerns. Should it be? I expect that more people bring laptops to law school classes than UG. Do law schools design classrooms for this? Are there generally more outlets where one can plug-in his/her laptop? I ask because it will determine whether or not I go for a high-powered CPU. I know I'd be using this thing mostly for word processing, but I SIMPLY CAN'T STAND A SLOW CPU. I want four freaking cores.

I realize most of you have only attended one school can and can't speak for law schools in general.

Better get a solid state drive then. HDDs are often the primary bottlenecks on modern comps.

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Re: Laptop Question from a 0L

Postby ArghItsBlarg » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:41 pm

I just bought a T410 at the end of the year to take advantage of Lenovo's sale. I opted for a 9 cell battery, 7200rpm drive and only 2G of ram, reasoning that the bump in hard drive speed was worth the money and that stable computing wouldn't need any more than 2 gigs of ram, even with Win7 (I'm an XP guy). Worst comes to worst a few years down the road, I can always add more ram or replace the HD with a bigger and cheaper SSD. I plan on using this laptop for quite some time to come, and I think this will be able to handle anything I throw at it for years after law school is over.

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