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Re: Books & Misc $$

Postby quakeroats » Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:39 pm

romothesavior wrote:
quakeroats wrote:
kalvano wrote:
romothesavior wrote:I can't even imagine how anyone could spend $1000 a semester on books, but maybe it depends on profs/school. Sounds like my experience is more like nealric's. I may not even spend $1000 the whole year. I think I spent around $400 last semester, and then about $50 more later in the semester.

5 substantive classes plus LRW.

romothesavior wrote:Pro tip: If you are going to get supplements, wait until you're a few weeks/months into the semester and just buy the previous edition. Having, say, the 2003 version of a supplement instead of the 2008 version will have zero impact on its usefulness, and the previous editions of anything usually cost about five times less than the current version (for example, the most helpful supplement I had was the West Property Nutshell that cost me $3 on Barnes and Noble.)

Except for the Civ Pro E&E. The newer, the better on that one. Same for torts, but not strictly necessary like the Civ Pro.

quakeroats wrote:Your answer values cost above all else but doesn't deal with any issues that might argue for another approach:

1. How much time and effort do you spend hunting for used books?
2. How much time and effort does it require to evaluate whether old editions aren't missing something you need to know, or are in some other way insufficient?
3. Which books are worth the higher cost and which are not, and how do you evaluate this?

1) 30 seconds to search Half and Amazon.
2) 30 seconds to search TLS.
3) The ones that people on TLS say are substantially different in the newer versus the older form and worth buying. The ones that people said were worth, were.

1. I highly doubt 30 seconds is enough time to do more than a cursory review
2. Ditto, plus people disagree, and sorting the disagreement takes time and often experience which:
3. A post-hoc analysis tends to gloss over. Why leave so much to chance, especially when it's easily rectified?

Cool story bro.

How would the two of you like to hear the story of the Midnight Caller?

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Re: Books & Misc $$

Postby romothesavior » Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:42 pm

quakeroats wrote:How would the two of you like to hear the story of the Midnight Caller?

Tell me the story of the hurricane. Bob Dylan ftw.

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