Dual Degree Programs: JD/Masters of Public Administration

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Dual Degree Programs: JD/Masters of Public Administration

Postby kylehunt » Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:11 am

I am interested in enrolling in a 4 year dual degree program in order to earn both a JD and a MPA. I see myself eventually entering public service, whether it be an elected position or not, so I am trying to set up my education in such a way as to make myself as knowledgable as possible in the areas of policy design and implementation.

Throughout undergrad I operated under the assumption that I would attend law school after I earned my degree however now that I am considering a MPA I am beginning to question my motivations for law school. It is not that the subjects studied in law school do not interest me, in fact its quite the contrary, but I do not see myself practicing law for all that long after law school.

The dual degree program enables me to earn both degrees in 4 years, as oppose to 3 years for the JD or only 2 for the MPA. I want to make sure that the law degree would be of use to me in my career, in order to ensure that I'm not simply wasting two more years in school just because I am interested in the subject and want the degree.

If you are currently pursuing a dual degree in these fields or have already earned one, any information or advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dual Degree Programs: JD/Masters of Public Administration

Postby fugitivejammer » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:11 pm

am also looking into JD/MPP (kinda MPA right). honestly, i'd say that if u want to b a lawyer, then get the JD. if u don't plan on actually practicing law, then just get the MPA and save urself 2 years and tons of $. i think the jd/mpp is a good way to go for ppl going into public interest law and practicing law - potentially moving on to other things down the road, but if u know ur only going to practice law for a few years, then i can't see it being worthwile. i dont think a jd in itself will provide much value/benefit for ur future plans, and so ur basically throwin a lot of $ down for something like that....

being interested in the subject of law is not enough to spend SO much $$$ and SO much energy to obtain a relatively worthless degree (for this circumstance). i think if ur interested in it, maybe u can take some kind of electives during the MPA, or do some more personal research on it.

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